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Naipunnya Research Forum


Research Forum, an initiative of our college was started with the aim of including research aptitude among faculties and research scholars. It encourages research interest among faculties and the exchange of information regarding various aspects of educational research. The ultimate goal of the research forum has been to promote research related activities for the benefit of the educational society at large. Research forum also provides an opportunity to faculties and research scholars to present and discuss their research work.



The goal of the Naipunnya School of Management, Cherthala (NSMC) Research Promotion Policy is to spread knowledge by high-caliber instruction, innovative research, and creative endeavours. In order to accomplish this, the institution works to enhance its innovation and research programmes by inspiring teachers and students to pursue careers in research. The institution fosters innovation, encourages students to collaborate in teams with other students and faculty members who serve as mentors and supervisors, and deals with actual problem-solving projects. Additionally, the institution persuades staff members and students to collaborate on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects with other departments, organisations, and universities.


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Naipunnya Research Forum


1.  Dr. Prasanth Kumar M - HoD, PGDCM - Cell Director
2.  Ms. Chinnu Mohan - PGDCM- Convener
3.  Mr. Abhinand C S - PGDCM
4.  Mr. Jophy Jose- HM
5.  Ms. Lima Sabu- PGDE
6.  Ms. Amulia P M - CSA





PhD Holders/Research Scholars

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