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Physical Education

Mr. Jinnat Mathew
HOD Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education promotes among the students a keen interest in sports and exercise. The department maintains the policy of motivating students to relentlessly pursue excellence in sports for health, fitness and overall wellness.

The Department of Physical Education is committed to the promotion of health, physical activity and sports for the overall development of the student community. The department ensures lifelong fitness and recreation.

The department has been participating in the University of Kerala intercollegiate and All India university completions. Regular coaching is provided to the student’s in

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Badminton and Chess

Intramural and extramural competitions are organized in order to encourage student’s participation in sports and games. The Department offers certificate courses in 'Health and Fitness Education to promote the importance of staying healthy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introduces the basic idea for emergency or immediate care

Message from HOD

Physical Education and Sports activities play a crucial role in increasing the number of healthy youths. A well-implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component for the growth of both mind and body. Sports is a way of life for student’s health and fitness and those looking for professional/star status. Involvement in Sports and Games are very essential among students to encourage the spirit of participation at University, State, National and International Level to graduate as physically, mentally and emotionally strong individuals to face the challenges of life.
Jinnat Mathew
HoD, PEd